Extra protection when you rent out with us!

When you rent out your cottages, apartments or houses (in Sweden) by us, protect property against many injuries that your insurance does not cover. We give you peace of mind through our connection to Stugbranschens Trygghetsförsäkring. It is worked out by our professional organization Association Sweden Tourism and insurance broker SECURE.

Comprehensive insurance

A traditional holiday home insurance usually covers fire, theft and water damage to the building and equipment. But if a tenant has broken something or causing other damage, so usually apply not your ordinary insurance. Neither the tenant any house insurance can be used in any context, because the damaged property is something which he has rented. Additionally required in this case a fault analysis showing the tenant potentially liable. When you have protection insurance, you do not “wrestle” with the tenant and his potential insurers. Holiday Industry Insurance scheme replaces the sudden and unforeseen damage that may occur on your property during the rental period and not covered by your regular insurance.

Forgetful insurance

If you forget to pay your own insurance, and it is no longer applicable, replace this insurance the damage to the building and / or personal property, according to Länsförsäkringar corresponding condition, which corresponds to the insurance you forgot to pay. Valid for four weeks after your regular insurance due date.

Fully valid insurance at the rental

Insurance companies interpret their conditions different when it comes to renting and whether the lease is conducted privately or through an intermediary cabin. If the benefits of your regular insurance is reduced or absent because of regular insurance policy on renting and guarantees Holliday industry Trygghetsförsäkring full compensation, or the difference.

Loss rental insurance

Will your leased property wholly or partially unusable by compensable insurance claim (including claims paid by your regular insurance), you will also receive compensation for loss of rent for the lease period which was booked at the time of injury.

Elimination excess.

If you are in your regular insurance opted for a higher basic deductible than this, replacing the difference of Safety Insurance. No insurance claim need to incur costs of more than SEK 1 000 in regular basic deductible when you rent your cottage or apartment through us.

Sum insured

For movables
– Up to specified chattels amount into your existing insurancebuilding
– To the full value level in your existing insurance limit in the amount of insurance available at rental of mansions and castles.


For damage not covered by your regular insurance – SEK 1 000
For other injuries where security insurance supplements
– no deductible

Easy and free

You do not need to do anything – more than keep up with a regular vacation home insurance with any insurer – to feel safe. The premium for Holliday industry Trygghetsförsäkring paid by us to the insurance company. The premium is deducted from the rental income you receive through us. That you are connected to the insurance seen in brokering the agreement between you and us or by special supplement specifically concerned with insurance.

Subsidiary objects insurance

This insurance is valid, in the alternative in relation to your own insurance. By contrast, the time before the tenant’s potential liability.

Vandalism prevention

As holiday consolidators, we are very keen to have serious tenants who are cautious about your property. Would that still be the case that the tenant or his visitor intentionally damaging your house or its contents, replacing Holliday industry Trygghetsförsäkring even these injuries.