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Det är inte längre möjligt att lägga upp ett boende. kommer tas över av ny ägare och nytt system inom en snar framtid.

How does it work as a host?

Read below on how you can quickly and easily start making money on your accommodation.

1. List your space

It takes less than five minutes to add your accommodation.
You can rent all types of accommodations. It's completely free and you can add anything from images, texts, prices, availability date, etc.

We have no periods or periods of notice.

2. Receive messages from guests

If your guests have any questions you will receive a mail and a SMS so you can reply quickly. In a message, you can add a unique offer where you can set the price and rent period.

For your privacy no contact information will be shared until you have a payed reservation. Therefore, you never need to provide a phone number or email address in the message to the guest.

3. Receive bookings

When you get a reservation request, you have 48 hours to accept or decline the booking. You can answer the inquiry if you need more information about the guests. Once you accept a reservation the guest has 48 hours to pay the reservation fee (or the whole amount).

Once the booking has been payed, both parties get complete contact information so you can make up the practical details.
You pay 3.75% in service fee upon successful booking, the guest pays abouy 12% in booking fee.

4. Welcome your guests

Keep in mind that your property is clean and tidy before your guest's arrival. Hand over the keys and show the guest around and explain the rules that apply.

Let them feel welcome!

5. Payouts

The money is kept in a trust account in the Swedish bank SE-Banken and is paid out no earlier than 24 hours after your guests have checked in.
This if both for you and the tenant's security.