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How does Hyrboende.se ?

How does Hyrboende.se for tenants and renters?


Sign up your accommodation

Open an account (free) and upload your rental property with all the details. Remember that good photos are essential to getting good rental rate.

Wait message and bookings

If tenants have any questions, you will get notified. You answer simple via "my pages ". When you receive a booking request, you have 48 hours to accept or decline the booking. If you feel unsure of tenant you have the opportunity to ask them for more information so you can decide whether you want to accept the booking.
You will automatically receive an email when each event.


When the tenant has paid the money ends up in a secure client account separate from hyrboende.se. The money is kept here until at least 24 hours after your tenant has arrived at your accommodation. This is to ensure that both you and the tenant has fulfilled its obligations.


Your money is then transferred to your bank account and the tenant can login and write a review about your accommodation so more can read about how easy it is to book with just you. Payments are made on Thursdays.

How much does it cost?

It's completely free to register your property on Hyrboende.se! - We put the 3% + VAT to your quoted prices, but you get always Anything else you want to rent?



Via the front page, you can search for example. Country, city or areas. On the List page, you can then filter your search by your own desires. For example, you want the pool, etc. Do you have any questions about the property you are interested, you can send a message to the landlord. To do this you first need to open an account (free) and then choose "Contact me! " On the item page.


Once you have decided which accommodation you want to rent how to book it easily via a few keystrokes (requires you opened the account which is free). Lessor has 48 hours to accept o


If a reservation is approved, you will receive message asking you to log in and pay via secure card payment or bank box. The money will be put in a protected client account. For your security is not paid the money to the landlord until at least 24 hours after arrival in the accommodation. This is to ensure that you as a tenant with what you have been promised.


When you have returned from your stay, you can login and write a review about the accommodation. This is an important part for both renters and rental businesses as we filter out potentially dishonest individuals.

Do you have questions about this service? - Please look at our FAQ!